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The bed is made of high quality 18 mm laminated furniture board. The bed has rounded edges that ensure safety of use. The bed is manufactured as a double-sided, when assembling we choose which side will be the drawer with a 100cm movable railing. The bed has a two-part drawer. The mattress frame is made of flexible beech wood slats. The bed is mounted on tie rods, thanks to which it can withstand loads up to 90 kg. An 8 cm high foam mattress with a zipper is added to the bed. For a small additional fee, you can replace the standard foam mattress with another mattress. When making a purchase, please select the type of mattress to be added to the bed from the table.

Free Foam Mattress

Double Sided Mattress + €89.00

- Thickness: 8 cm,

- 100% cotton cover,
- Natural buckwheat hulls,
- Polyurethane foam,
- Coconut mat.

- anti-allergic

- anti-sweating

- anti-bedsore,

- a coconut mat complements the health properties.

Latex Foam Mattress + €99.00

- Thickness: 10 cm,

- 100% cotton cover,
- Latex layer - 2cm 
- Polyurethane foam 8cm.

- anti-allergic,
- anti-sweating,
- anti-bedsore,

The layer of perforated latex properly adapts to the shape of the body and provides efficient ventilation during sleep. Each time you turn or move, the latex layer undergoes compression and expansion, as a result of which the internal channels transport the air.

It has a wide spectrum of anti-allergic properties due to the limited development of mold, mites and fungi.

Latex is characterized by high elasticity, it is a durable and resistant material, thanks to which it can be used for many years without any visible changes in its structure and properties.

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